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I am a contemporary artist whose work falls within the realm of Automatism art. I am of Italian descent and have lived and worked in Grimsby, Ontario for the past 32 years. My passion for art and creativity have grown as a strong part of my identity for most of my life.  My greatest source of inspiration is in the contrast between light and dark which often exploits my pieces. Each one of my paintings have a deep connection to me and serve as a reminder of the emotional journey at the time they were created.

After the death of my father and a scare with cancer, in 2013 I turned my attention to painting for its therapeutic benefits. The journey towards this passion began as a self-directed experimentation.  My spontaneous approach which does not draw from a given subject, allows me to create fluid and abstract compositions. Mainly working with acrylics on canvas, I push the boundaries of color and tone. Creating contrast and depth by using a variety palette knifes, catalyst painting wedges and a variety of mediums to achieve texture and surfaces with energetic layering to ultimately elicit an emotional response.

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